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A few QRP Cw radios

Below is the KX1 from Elecraft . I have the 3 band version covering 40/30 and 20m . It has a built in atu and although it doesn't have a very wide tuning range is ok for certain lengths of "random wires" I use a 42 foot end fed wire which the atu can match quite happily .It is a feature packed little radio that is fully user adjustable from via a menu . It can take AA cells to give roughly 1.5 watt out which when used to using 2 watts from the home qth isn't bad .. Its a very small and light little bit of kit and works extremily well . The adjustable AF filter works well.It weighs next to nothing so is ideal for backpacking but is a more than capable of being used as a shack rig if ever needed, in fact I would be quite happy to have this as a main radio.
kx1 cw rig page.jpg

Below is the Yaesu FT817 . What can you say , this is a cracking rig and works well for cw although a filter really does transform this thing , I used it without a filter for a couple of years thinking I didn't need one ( well I didn't) but like I say having one has really transformed the radio. I got mine to go /p before I got the other smaller rigs but to be honest , for me is too current hungry which means if you want any sort of decent operating time you must lug a decent battery with you , that and the radio itself isn't the lightest . Mine has retired to a shack rig now but works flawlessly , the AF shift/filter and ATT I can clean most sigs up pretty well .

FT-817ND cw rig pg.jpg

Below is the HB1B.. What a rig .. I put this a very close second to the KX1. The HB losing simply on not having through hole components /internal atu and the battery pack doesn't tend to fit correctly leaving the cells pushed up against components..Those "bad" points aside this radio works a dream , the usual cw related features as well as ssb RX and as with the KX1 an adjustable AF filter and along with the ATT can get rid of a lot of noise .. The sidetone is a bit raspy and a little loud so I tend to use one ear bud or if used in my van an amplified speaker . Can't really put any worthwhile mentioning bad points to this radio , it is what it is , a lower price range 4 band cw radio that does what it says on the tin . YOU KITS seem to be coming along nicely with the kits and pre built gear aimed at the qrp and cw market .

ndb1b cw rig page.jpg

Below is the Elecraft K1, again I keep saying "cracking rig" but I feel these radios on this page really are great rigs , Ok they all have some downside but don't they all but I can honestly say have enjoyed using all of them without exception . The K1 has pretty much the same set up as the KX1 only more power out and maybe a few extra functions . Again I personally found the atu a little limiting but many get on fine with them ..Like the KX1 you can have internal batteries via an add on option which is handy for /p and the internal atu although having a limited range is useful for when you just want to throw a wire up a tree for some uncomplicated hassle free general operating ..

k1 cw rig pg.jpg